“Stop being hesitant. It’s time to change the motherfucking world.”

I thought I would take advantage of my horoscope for July 18th, which reads:

Inner excitement
Weak, transient effect: This morning you can assert yourself in a positive manner and stand your ground if necessary. You may feel more courage and confidence than usual, which you express by taking the initiative in making emotional contacts with others. You speak very directly and forcefully, but without being offensive, which others will respect you for. This is a good time to work as a leader with groups of people. You understand what is needed, and you can unify your objectives and theirs, usually by talking them around to your point of view. Whenever you talk with others, you radiate an inner excitement, as if you were ready for immediate action. Under this influence you have the capacity to start projects, although you should keep in mind that this is a short-term influence and its effects will not last long.
The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Moon Trine Mars, , exact at 04:33  
activity period from 17 July 2012 to 18 July 2012

and post something with a little bravado. So here goes:

There is a particular kind of beauty that only you have the capacity to imagine.

If you don’t create that beauty in the world, it will never be known.

Georgia O’Keeffe figured this out, obviously. So did Einstein, and Gregory Colbert, and Blake, and Jimmi Hendrix, Martha Graham. And several other folks.

Here’s how it’s done, in 5 easy steps:

1) Dedicate your life to what you believe in. Really figure out what’s at the core of what you’re about and hold this as the source of everything you do.

2) Slog through the period where you’re relatively unknown, possibly penniless, eating lots of Ramen.

3) Find a way to assemble a body of work and figure out how to get it out to the right audience.

4a) Wait for divine providence to intervene. (that right person / moment / opportunity / etc.) (like when the Board Chairman of Rolex discovered Gregory Colbert’s work and said, “You know the Medici? I’m kind of like that…” (I paraphrase)

or 4b) Let go of the “discovery myth” and just start contacting people. Eventually someone will realize how fantastic you are.

5) Don’t become an asshole once you’re famous. That way you’ll stay open to inspiration.

Important things to remember:

i) You should expect the beginning to be messy and flailing. You will not give birth to iphone-level perfection from day one. Creativity does not work that way.

ii) The only way to really rock at something is through committed practice (cf. Malcom Gladwell & the 10K hour rule — especially the hilarious story about the Beatles)

iii) Consistency helps. Even if you work in different media, having a common source theme will help people understand your body of work. (You become “the person who does xxxxxx…” – like Christo)

iv) related to iii: If what you do starts to become boring, stop doing it the way you’ve been doing it and wait for a crazy idea about a way to do it differently, somehow maintaining consistency.

v) Another suggestion: create your own vocabulary. Especially if what you do has never really been done before, then people will need language to talk about it. If you can provide the language, you become doubly innovative.

vi) It’s OK to go through dry spells, doubt phases, “have I been wasting all this time” melodramas. It’s helpful to have an out-of-the-way place where you can go cry and/or scream to the powers that be: “WTF am I doing? Why did you set me on this path? I could use a little help here… please!” But also know that help has it’s own wacko schedule: it might take a while for the response to organize itself in the material world…

vii) when you’re really stressed, try singing. it helps.




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